Useless Sadness

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm making this article on half of holiday, and this is not for the first time I did it. So what else? Yes. I'll tell some stories about me first. Then we'll go on the prime topic.

I think it's normal to be rascal sometimes, to show people that you still got humanity point. And for me, it's normal to do something we really want too. Though it's so hard to accept for anybody else. You were just need to sounding it out.

Some friends of mine told me that they got so many distractions lately. And guess what I was saying?

"Hell, no. You're not alone. You may sad, upset, or disappointed, but the only thing that useful to do now is doing some positive activity. Look around. There are still many kids outside that have no house to stay in, or even a delicious food to eat. You must take a look of that side, don't just argue something that wasn't worth for..."

That's it. I just know that every niceness in life, must not be able to see with some different sight, but we need some grateful feelings to move on and on.
So what else to waste? Your beautiful tears are super priceless, ya know.

But, once again, if your tears already blunt with your feelings, get it out. Cry harder, hardest, as well as you can. Just did it on your way. Then, when it finished already, just let it go. Don't make any sense of that. I always note it in my head and it works perfectly to ease every pain.

It will build you as a stronger ones... Better than you were. I do believe in miracle, but we need to make it REAL. We aren't living in Cinderella world, right? It's so last year for us wait someone to come and bring us on a peaceful home. We need to fight to find our own happiness. And that's the way it is.

I need to know my true living.

I'm logically believe that someday I will. Time will heals every wound, more than everyone have known before...
Let's just found it and live in eternity.

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