2D boys again!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm gonna show you my affection to this boy named Neil. He's one of the character from HM: A New Beginning which will only available to be played on Nintendo 3DS.

So yeah, basically he's a bachelor. Loves cow SO MUCH. You can tell he has a huge weird 'crush' into every single animals in this world. He's a bachelor. His father lives out of town. His personality is rather cold and he's so hard to be friend with. It's just because he's that kind of people who has their own universe (in his case, animals. LOL) and lack of social skills. Don't get me wrong, he's not  a bad or mean or something. He's just having a hard time making friends because his threatening appearance. Well guys, I don't know about you, but with appearance like that I'd nicely be friend with him. Oh my Goddess. He also has an interest for music.

A lil pictures of him for those who curious :

Gameplay version :


And here's the fanfic version that I really like :


He'll probably remind you of Usui Takumi a lot because they share the same haircut and even the sama hair color (I guess?) And actually they both have some similarities, in fact Usui is so hard to be friend with. It is a fortunate that Usui has a warmer personality. But this one's gonna force you to work your ass of to get in the game. Man, you should play the game. It has a really nice 3D graphic. Though it's kinda expensive for me because you need to buy original cartridges in 3DS, and each game worth Rp. 400.000 or $40. BUT TO SEE NEIL? WHO CARES. GO GET THE GAME IN YOUR NEAREST GAME COUNTER IN TOWN. I'd recommend you to buy from this online game store in Indonesia, they have a lot of original games you've been looking for your console. You can request Pre-Order games in USA (ME WANT MEGAMI TENSEI IV limited edition it's so fucking expensive in rupiahs, so I'll wait until my visit to Singapore maybe I could get a decent price of it, if not, yeah, the blame's on me for being poor.) You can purchase all the video games you want and simply wait in your room while playing another (That's an old trick to drive away yourself from the thing you've ordered and purchased, because I have this weird big impatient in me when ordering something online). Click here.

Back to Neil, what do you think of him? Is he good? What kind of personality that you'd like to discover on a Role Playing Game?

Tell me what you think.

But Neil why can't you be fucking real.

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