Friday, July 13, 2012

A beautiful Arsenal Away Jersey Kit for the next season. Frankly, today I want to post the whole thing but then I found a site on the internet that I think could represent my mind perfectly... And yes, here it is :

Arsenal has unveiled their new away shirt for the 2012-13 season. And it’s purple.
There are so many ways I could make fun of Arsenal’s new away kit for next season, but I won’t. Reason being is that Nike and Arsenal have balls to bring out a purple shirt, and to be honest with you, I love the new design. It’s fresh, bold and something new that you’d never expect to see, especially at a club like Arsenal that is renowned for being so conservative.
Arsenal’s new away kit features purple and black hoops. Purple was chosen because of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, and purple — of course — is a regal color.
According to the club website, “The purple design gives the kit a regal flavour in this Diamond Jubilee year for a side that was known as ‘Royal Arsenal’ in the 1890s, having been formed at the Arsenal munitions factory in Woolwich, South London. The red trim on the shirt cuffs compliments the purple body, while the differing hoop patterns on the shirt provide a modern twist. The inner back neck graphic, meanwhile, takes the form of the Club’s motto, ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’, the Latin for ‘Victory Through Harmony’, while the outer back neck graphic pays tribute to legendary manager Herbert Chapman’s innovative WM formation. The purple and black hooped socks, bearing one red stripe each, pay tribute to Chapman’s legacy and his introduction of hooped socks to make it easier for players to pick each other out on the pitch.”
Lastly, Arsenal have revealed their new away kit with the help of chart-topping pop duo, Rizzle Kicks. Watch the video below to see the shirt in more detail, as well as the band performing a track from their album Stereo Typical, ‘Demolition Man’.
source: EplTalk
I used to receive all the damned purple-barney-themed and MU last season look-alike mockery. Do you want to hear my advice as well? Get a life. Honestly, I couldn't say that I love the red trim on the elbow side, but overall the jersey is pretty good. If anything, it's generally cute. I'll said nothing about Barney because we all know that Barney is just one fat asshole trying to impress child, and you can't dominate the color purple with him! Anyway he's just one in million television show's figure that ridiculously appear with the same outfit, for like, forever. And about the MU last season away kit, I know it has the same rhyme but it's totally different. Really. They don't even have the unique AFC detail in the back. And that red line's maybe prove it all.
That's all I need to say. Last but not least, I know it may not be the best jersey for the next season, but fuck you all, I'm still gonna buy it. Note that.

Velta Mahesa.

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