10 Facts I Hate About Myself

Friday, June 17, 2011

1. Bad Temper
I'm bad at controlling myself. I have no idea why.

2. Desirable
How did you feel when you can't even buy the thing you want, because there are so many things trapped in your mind and they should be done on your waiting list? Nah!

3. Trick or Treat?
Dislike this one. Makes me look like baka.

4. Masochist
I hate to confess, but yeah, punish me.

5. Social Phobia
Wait... It may sounds weird for some people, but I do. I do feel something weird on my head when there are so many people around. I feel like I want to crumble with ground and disappear just like, forever.

6. Eat 24/7
I wouldn't have to describe more, it's me who can't defend it.

7. Bored and Boring
I thought I was being such a boring person when I bored. Wonder?

8. The Lazy Ones
Who doesn't?

9. Ignorant
Well I feel like I need to explain this.
I'm not that kind of girl who'd sad if my crush wasn't being able to love me back, or accompany me, or some kind of things you'd care about.
If people hate me, I won't shout back.
When I'm lonely, I'm just chilling around and pretend like I was cooler than other. No, I won't tweeted it just to get attention :)
That's what I cared about.
I'm just letting it go, that's just how it works.
Man how I hate real world.

10. Handsome Fetish!
LMAO this one goes crazy! I can spent the entire day looking for some kawaii boys anime pic or fanservice and laughing to myself in the next day.
But with a smile like this, how can I not smile back?

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