Sunday, October 17, 2010

*let's pretend we're doing QnA so I won't be awkwardly telling people too much about myself when there's nothing to answer*

 Hello. My name is Velta.
- Cool one! Where'd you get your name from?
Some porn vintage comic.
- Wh-whoa. Really?
Yeah. You may Google it. Tell me what you find.
- ...Okay. I have to. You're right. Sorry.
No probs. Getting used to it. So?
- Okay. So when is the actual time you start blogging?
I started in 2009, there's nothing much for me to do in Junior High School so I made one. I like talking and writing so much.
- Yes, yes. And what's on your blog actually?
Regular stuff. Things I like, things I don't like. I'm a moody bastard so can we move to another non-boring questions?
- ...What kind of music do you like? Did you play any instrumental before?
Anything! I like post rock, smooth jazz, pop, country, etc etc. You name it. And yes, I play guitar and violin sometimes.
- Violin?
- No, it's nothing like that.
Well actually I taught myself so it's not that good. My parents won't let me hire any music teacher.
- Ok. So how do you do?
I'm an ordinary student who love filmmaking, photography, and waste my time and money collecting fantasy and young-adult books.
- Why 'www.veltastolkien.com'?
Gonna be the longest answer, then.
Back in 2009, I found 'blogspot.com' free domains are not that interesting. So I wait for the time where I can afford my own domain and have a proper site. When suggesting the name of the domain, I'm thinking of some cool names. But this one is my favorite, because I really love J. R. R. Tolkien since I was innocent. That was the first time I visit the movie theater to watch "Lord Of The Rings" with my best aunty. (Thanks Mr. Peter Jackson, my first film is the best!)
So well, I can conclude that, this blog is my own 'fantasy'. The way I escaped the original "me" people mostly known as a reckless, careless, despicable, ignorant, weird, violent, pushy, tricky, hyperactive, silly, impulsive, manipulative, intimidating, person. Somehow the list goes on and on and on. If you haven't met me yet, you won't guess it. I swear.
I want this to be my fantastical labyrinth. I have never been into any labyrinth before but when I do, I want you to join me, trap to this never-end dreams and hopes and stories and movies and books and comedies, and musics, with me.

Oh God what a touché ending.

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