God Loves Me!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm back with nothing I can say.

Guys, it's been a hard day's night ever since I came to high school. Well, maybe I'm just a little bit 'surprised' and not getting used to my new school at first, but sooner I've just realized that my classmates aren't that bad. They're just simple, funny, and kind. Maybe with them, my junior life wouldn't be that bad. :)

But hey! I've realized that God loves me, too!
I don't believe I can say such words. But yeah that's true. I've been realizing it for some weeks after my final destination examination. Since back then, I got so many wishes that would be barely come true!

Like this. Tomorrow is going to be my big goddamn day and I prayed to get period... So I won't fasting and get concentrate even more. Not that I hate fasting that much, I just can't think better when I'm hungry. Well that's kinda weird so come forget it.

And guess what? He fulfilled my wish.
Yesterday I had stomachache, kind of hurts but when I know that my wish come true, that pain feel just like the icing on the cake.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh, yes God, Velta loves you too.

Ha! It's already this late. So bye-bye.

PS: Do you feel like going to various places in this holiday? I DO!!!

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